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Here are a few links to doggy sites.  Please note that with the exception of Dogs NSW and the poodle club of NSW, we do not have any affiliation with any of the sites listed below.


Dogs NSW

Poodle club of NSW

Australian poodle clubs

Excellent USA based poodle information site - heaps of useful information about poodles here

Information about DNA testing

Genetics of coat colours in poodles

Good reasons why parents should get their kid a dog

Every parent with children and a dog should read this.  How to keep your children and your dog safe.

Information, plus an on line estimator on how much your puppy is likely to cost.  USA based, but Australian costs are about the same.

Pet ownership costs

Dog resource guide on a budget - lots of interesting links

How to avoid loneliness

Dog body language

Doggy dental care

Preparing for a rescue pet.

Information on dog food.  USA site with USA brands of dog food, so the brands don't apply to Australia, but still lots of interesting infomation

Lots more useful information about dogs  Note the section on what dogs can and can't eat.  Could save your dog's life.  Dog psychology  Ideas on exercise and how to stimulate your dog's mind  Dogs for kids.  Lots of infomation and more links here.  How to treat an upset stomach Keeping your dog's mind active is important.  A bored dog can lead to behaviour problems.

Pet safety - also USA based and covers all pets, not just dogs

Pet safety around the home - lots of links here

Disaster planning for pets (ignore the bit about Rabies if you are in Australia)

Pet care in apartments.  USA based, but contains useful information

Pet blogs

Play. Bark. Run. - Dog Blog, Articles, Grooming, Health, Nutrition

More useful information on pets from a pet lover

Loads of information, helpful tips and doggy advice to pet owners

How to pet proof your home

Poodles don't shed hair, so there is no need to remove pet hair, but if you have a cat or another breed of dog -

Some veterinary advice, specializing in Shih Tzu, but much is applicable to poodles as well



Some online stores for doggy accessories

  Australian based online pet accessories store



  Up-to-date Dog Training Equipment For Medium And Large Dog Breeds

     Professional Dog Muzzles, Dog Collars, Dog Harnesses, Leashes - all dog training equipment you need for your beloved pet

  K9 Equipment E-shop

     Select first-class quality Muzzles, Harnesses, Collars, Toys, Bite Suits etc. for police dogs

  Schutzhund Dog Training Store

     Variety of premium quality Harnesses, Bite Suits, Sleeves, Muzzles, Collars etc. for professional Schutzhund training.

  Durable Leashes For Any Dog Breed

      Looking for certain type of leash?  Choose the best leather, nylon or chain leashes for any type of activities!

  Premium Quality and Refined Style Dog Harnesses

   Wide assortment of professional quality harnesses for pooling, tracking, training and decorating your dog.

  Easy Walking Dog Harnesses

   Provide your pet with best quality natural leather or water-proof nylon dog harness for walking, training and tracking sessions.

  Super Stylish Spiked Dog Collars

   Choose the most outstanding decorated with spikes leather or nylon dog collar. Walk your furry friend in style!

  Medium dog harnesses of safe, original quality materials -

  Nylon dog harnesses for walking, leather dog harnesses for training, tracking and pulling.


Other Toy Poodle breeders


Some other breeder sites

[] - Quality Toy Pomeranian Puppies for Sale in Florida.


Not a dog site, but Peter's mandolin and guitar  page




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